Hi, and welcome to Kamu!

Our documentation is organized around 4 closely related projects:

  • Open Data Fabric (ODF) - is an open protocol specification for decentralized sharing and verifiable multi-party processing of data. Originally developed by Kamu, the spec is now an independent open-source project separately governed in this repository. It is included on this website purely for convenience of cross-referencing with the rest of documentation.
  • Kamu CLI - is a powerful command line tool that implements ODF protocol. You can run it on any device to build data pipelines, ingest and explore data, and interact with other nodes on ODF network.
  • Kamu Node - is a scalable back-end implementation of ODF. It’s a set of Kubernetes applications that can be installed in a distributed environment to operate data pipelines, verify computations done by other parties, and execute queries on co-located data. Operating a node is a way to contribute compute resources to the network.
  • Kamu Web Platform - this is a front-end application that acts as a window into the decentralized ODF network. Think of it as Etherscan for ODF or GitHub for data pipelines. It can be used in multiple setups: from exploring your local Kamu CLI workspace, to managing your distributed Kamu Node deployment, and to interacting with remote nodes in the global ODF network.

If you are new to the project we recommend you to start with Kamu CLI tool to learn the basics of ODF in the comfort of your laptop.