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Kamu Web Platform is a front-end application that acts as a window into the decentralized Open Data Fabric (ODF) network.

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Think of it as Etherscan for ODF or GitHub for data pipelines. It can be used in multiple setups:

  • On a laptop to explore and build pipelines together with Kamu CLI
  • Deployed as a private cloud or on-premise data platform in combination with Kamu Node
  • As a window into the global ODF network to interact with millions of decentralized data sources and supply chains.

Get Started

By far the simplest way to try it out is using Kamu CLI - simply install it and run this command in your workspace:

kamu ui

Helm Chart

You can deploy Kamu Web platform into a Kubernetes cluster using Helm and our latest chart from ArtifactHub.

See deployment manual on how to deploy the Web Platform alongside Kamu Node.