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Kamu Compute Node is a set of Kubernetes-native applications that can be deployed in any cloud or on-prem to:

  • Operate the stream processing pipelines for a certain set of data flows
  • Continuously verify datasets that you are interested it to catch malicious behavior
  • Execute queries on co-located data

Nodes are the building pieces of the Open Data Fabric and the primary way of contributing resources to the network. Unlike blockchain nodes that maintain a single ledger, Kamu nodes can form loosely connected clusters based on vested interests of their operators in certain data pipelines.

If you are new to ODF - we recommend you to start with Kamu CLI instead for a gradual introduction. You should consider Kamu Node when you want to:

  • Build a horizontally-scalable data lake for your data
  • Need a decentralized infrastructure for sharing data with your partners or globally without intermediaries
  • Want to continuously operate ODF data pipelines or verify data