DBeaver is a great free database exploration tool. It can be connected to kamu using a JDBC driver.

In this setup:

  • kamu runs an Arrow Flight SQL server - a high-performance protocol for data transfer
  • DBeaver loads a special JDBC driver - a Java software module that implements an abstract database interface
  • JDBC driver translates DBeaver’s commands into efficient Flight SQL calls in kamu

To connect DBeaver to kamu follow these simple steps:

  1. Downlaod the latest Flight SQL JDBC Driver
  2. Add a new database driver in DBeaver by following these steps
    • For class name use:
    • For URL template use:
    • In libraries add the driver’s .jar file you just downloaded
  3. Run kamu Flight SQL server in a desired workspace:
    kamu sql server --flight-sql --address --port 50050
  4. Create a new connection in DBeaver using the driver you created:
    • Specify host and port, e.g.
    • Use "kamu" as username and password
    • In Driver properties tab add user property: