This demo guides you through the basics of using kamu and its key concepts. It lets you try out most of the tool’s features without having to install it.

Try Online

The demo is also available online at:

for financial reasons the capacity of this environment is limited

Run It Yourself


To run this demo you’ll only need:

  • docker
  • docker-compose


First you will need to download the docker-compose.yml file:


To run all demo components on your computer simply do:

docker-compose up

If you’ve ran the environment before you might want to get latest versions of the images using docker-compose pull command.

This will run:

  • JupyterHub web notebooks with Kamu integration
  • Minio - S3-like storage server used as a shared dataset repository

Once you start the environment you should see a log line that looks like this:

jupyter_1  |

Use this URL in your browser to open Jupyter. Once in Jupyter, navigate to the demo directory, open first notebook, and follow the instructions.

Enjoy, and please send us your feedback!

Shutting down

To shutdown the environment do:

docker-compose down