Explainer Videos

Kamu 101: BasicsBeginnerQuick overview of the purpose and basic features of the tool
Kamu 101: Trust & CollaborationBeginnerTheory of what makes data trustworthy and how to verify datasets you get from others


Time: The most misunderstood dimension in data modellingBeginnerEducational talk from PyData Global 2021 about event-based data models and stream processing
Structured Data in Web3 - Rethinking DatabasesIntermediateProtocol Labs: Compute Over Data Summit talk about structured data processing in Web3 world
Open Data Fabric for Research Data ManagementBeginnerCurrent state and problems of scientific data portals, motivation behind ODF and system’s design principles
Building a Distributed Collaborative Data PipelineIntermediateTechnical talk from Data+AI Summit 2020


Kamu Blog: Introducing Open Data FabricBeginnerInitial announcement of the ODF project
Whitepaper: Open Data FabricBeginnerOriginal ODF protocol whitepaper
Kamu Blog: The End of Batch EraBeginnerWhy we are using stream processing instead of batch
Open Data Fabric protocol specificationAdvancedSpecification itself, for tech-savvy readers

External Resources

The World Beyond Batch: Streaming 101 by Tyler AkidauBeginnerFundamental ideas behind stream (temporal) processing
Foundations of streaming SQL by Tyler AkidauBeginnerA great visual way to develop intuition in streaming and bitemporal data

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