Guided Examples

Self-serve DemoBeginnerbasic commands
Currency ConversionBeginnertemporal-table joins
COVID-19 Daily CasesBeginnerharmonization, unions, tumbling window aggregations, notebooks
LeaderboardBeginnertop-n aggregations, push ingest
Housing PricesBeginnerGIS data, GIS functions, GIS joins, notebooks
Stock Market TradingIntermediateaggregations, temporal-table joins, watermarks, notebooks
Overdue Order ShipmentsIntermediatestream-to-stream joins, watermarks
Web3 DataIntermediaterepositories, temporal-table joins, stream processing, watermarks

To work with examples we recommend you to clone the kamu-cli repo and use directories in examples/ as your workspaces.

For instance:

git clone
cd kamu-cli/examples/currency_conversion

kamu init
kamu add . -r
kamu pull --all

Need More Examples?

The wild variety of formats and ways to model data used by the data publishers today often makes ingesting data a challenge. When you work with the data that is already in the ODF network you feel like a productive data scientist, but until publishers start using this format directly we’ll have to continue wasting time on dull tasks like parsing CSVs, inferring schemas, and cleaning data.

To give you more examples on how to deal with different ingest scenarios we’ve created an experimental repository where we publish Root Dataset manifests for a variety of Open Data sources.

Stuck on parsing a yet another variety of timestamps? Or confused on how to change projection of the GIS data when reading ESRI file?

Then check out kamu-contrib repo.