Thanks for considering contributing! This project is a massive undertaking and developed just by a few people, so every little bit helps.

We welcome contributors of any skill level and background. You don’t have to be a software engineer to make a large impact in an open-source project!

Besides code you can contribute in many different ways:


    All you need to know before taking upon any work

    Licensing Terms

    Brief explanation of Kamu’s license Kamu is using Business Source License (BSL). We chose it as the closest thing to a fully Open Source license that allows us to build a sustainable business and continue to pusue our ambitious technology goals. Under BSL: All source code is provided in the open All your contributions benefit the community in the same way as with any Open Source project Most people and organizations can use the product for free in any environment and for any purpose The only condition as imposed by the “Additional Use Grant” is to not provide product’s functionality as a service to third parties If you clearly don’t fall into this category - you can stop reading here.


    Common UI elements used in documentation